When Should You Turn To Home Care?


There comes a time in life that the human body declines and extra help with overall health is needed.  At times, home care may be necessary.  Home care is a form of healthcare administered by a licensed medical professional in a support care environment inside the home of the patient.  Often, it is referred to as home health care as to distinguish it from custodialwhen to consider home care care, which is care given in the home by someone not licensed to provide medical treatment.  There are various types of home care.

Hospice is a healthcare program designed for licensed personnel to administer care in a patient’s home when a terminal disease or condition no longer responds to a cure by needed medication.  Hospice offers kindness and support to the patient as well as the family of the patient by practicing dignity and respect.  It is important to understand that Hospice does neither extends nor accelerates death.  Hospice is a team effort of professionally trained staff that caters to the patient’s need of pain control, emotionally counseling of the impact the disease takes, as well as bereavement counseling to those that must come to terms that death is near and to the families whom have suffered the loss of their loved one.

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