Keep Prescriptions on Track

Over half of Americans take at least one prescription medication, and the average elderly age individual takes more than four.  It is very essential to keep prescriptions on track, especially when multiple medications are in use.  Medications are prescribed in two dissimilar forms, such as: needed dosage to make the medication purposeful, and the number of times a day the medications should be taken in order to maintain the purpose. There are numerous ways to keep tabs on your medications, and it is your job to choose which way is best for you or those you administer medical care to.

Useful Approaches

* On every prescription medication label, a prescription number, name, the type of medication, the dosage of the medication, and when and hokeep prescriptions on trackw the medication should be taken will be found. In order for the medication to reach the highest efficiency possible for the prescribed, all medications should be taken at the same time every day. Also, by doing this, the repetitiveness triggers an involuntary alarm in the brain that will eventually send a reminder over and over again when it is time to take the medication. For example, if one is prescribed to take medication once a day, a good reminder would be to take it as soon as one wakes up or before going to bed.  If the medication is prescribed twice a day, it may be easier to take it, for example, at eight AM and again at eight PM.

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