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When someone you know and love is discharged from the hospital, you want their post hospital stay care to be as comfortable as possible.

post discharge care

That’s why all of us at Divine Providence In-Home Care Services make sure everything is not only prepared for the return home, but that the days following are as carefully monitored and accommodated as possible.

Did you know that the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission has released information that states: approximately 2 out of 10 or 20% of Medicare patients are released from the hospital only to be readmitted within 30 days of their departure? This is usually preventable just by taking the simple precautions necessary surrounding post discharge and the most important 30 days fallowing.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We know the importance of the days following a discharge from the hospital, and we make your loved ones best interests, our best interest. Making sure that medications are on time, fallow up medical appointments are met, and everything surrounding each personal situation is in order, and diligently maintained.

During all the preparation, maintaining, and monitoring for post discharge not only are we taking care of the patient, but keeping the family updated and informed of the progress at hand.

There is a certain aspect of management and structure that is maintained along with our caregivers’ family oriented caring nature. Some of the qualified aspects include, but are not limited to:

  • Discharge Management and coordination: Making the necessary arrangements in correlation with the hospital or place of discharging along with home accommodations according to the family’s precise instructions and directions.
  • Management of Medication: The monitoring, tracking and precise administration of the patients medical pills or any other home administered medication in order to insure safety by preventing adverse effects.
  • Management of nutrition: Shopping and preparing well guided meals in a way as to help the recovery process as well as fallowing the doctor’s directions and plenty of liquids for hydration.
  • Physician Fallow-up: Any time assistance is needed for an appointment with the doctor accommodation can be made for transportation, and we even help patents keep on track with the scheduled appointments.

Your loved one’s return home after any hospital stay or patient procedure shouldn’t be without assistance or without the help you would want to have and need for those close to your heart. After all; home is where the heart is, and we commit our heart during post hospital stay care.

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