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When coming to the realization that a loved one needs a little extra help or care and you need in home senior care services, you want only the best for them.

Such instances occur around circumstances such as when a loved one reaches an elderly age, is adapting to new or different medication, or while recovering from a major surgery or procedure.

Friendly Maid Vacuuming

Naturally, when this happens, as family we want to do everything within our ability to help………… well so do we. DP Home Care Services of Chicago is more than just a provider of home care services as we care for our clients as we would our own family.

We provide in home care for senior citizens who are in need, and our staff of experienced help and home care experts provides excellent personal care. They are also trained to help patients deal with mobile and physical disabilities.

At Divine Providence Home Care Services you and your loved one’s specific needs are addressed as the highest priority, and our flexible services work around your schedule and your dispositions as we set up a plan to meet your requirements.

Knowing and helping

Making sure you have all the help you need to care for a specific loved one is what we here for and take pride in. All of our staff is more than equipped to assist with all the normal daily activities that are evident in the lives of your loved one.

Here are some signs that someone close to you may be in need of some help with home care services:

  • Housekeeping is dwindling or lacking: Laundry piling up, Dishes piling up in the kitchen, dirty floors and just a change of housekeeping habits in general.
  • Clothing choices are inappropriate for weather, for example wearing a jacket in the heat of the summer, or no shoes in the winter cold.
  • A change or declining with hygiene habits, like not changing clothing for days.
  • Neglecting personal finances, bouncing checks, and not paying bills.
  • Behavioral changes including; signs of paranoia, Strange conversations, unusual nervousness or fears, accidently taking too much medication
  • Confused in the kitchen, leaving appliances on like the oven or burners, leaving the faucet on, forgetting about food being cooked.

Knowing the best ways to assist with certain activities or choirs is only part of the reason so many have chosen DPHCS as their personal home care service. Another reason is how we care for our clients and put their independence as our best interest.

We have experience in home care for many clients with diverse ailments such as Alzheimer and related dementia, Parkinson, Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, and many others.

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