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Alzheimer in home care is much better then alternative choices such as a nursing facility or assisted living. Studies show that persons with Alzheimer do exceptionally better in familiar surroundings as opposed to moving them to another living arrangement.

alzheimers home care

Our in home care specialists are trained and experienced in the care of Alzheimer patents and their special needs. Making sure that the patient is cared for in a way that is to aid and help with the sort of aspects associated with Alzheimer is only part of how we care.

Alzheimer and Communication

Communication is a very important aspect in everything throughout our daily life. The act of communication and conversation is just as important, if not even more so in the everyday life of someone with Alzheimer.

Without proper lines of communication between the patient and caregiver, certain needs may not be met. Knowing ways of communication such as always speaking respectfully while at the same time using simple words of instruction, and never talking down to, or treating a patient as though they are unable to think for themselves is very helpful.

Also giving the patient plenty of time to answer a question, and helping them out with words they may have forgotten. Making communication as easy as possible is not only a good practice for the patent, but helps reduce stressful situations for the caregiver as well.

In Home Activities And Entertainment For Alzheimer

There are many different approaches one can take when helping a patient with daily activities. One good practice is to keep a daily schedule to help the patient remember certain daily activities. In certain instances, patents will not ask when they are in need of assistance. In cases such as these, the caregiver needs to be more assertive and observant of the patent’s actions.

It is also evident that some Alzheimer patents will need more assistance as opposed to others, and accommodating the needs of each specific individual client is an important part of our services.

Entertaining activities such as a fun game of cards and some simple exercise is more important than you may know. For the patient, engaging in these activities and like activities not only lifts spirits but helps maintain strength as well.

In all activities, make sure the patent is not having difficulty, if so suggest a different approach, or a different activity all together, knowing limitations at the same time adding variety of activities is good medicine all around.

At DPHCS we know how important Alzheimer in home care is, and we make a difference, why because we care.

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