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Divine Providence In-Home Care Services is the leading company for providing quality Christian care services to seniors in the greater Chicago area. We are completely dedicated to providing the absolute highest npda aeda awardsquality and most compassionate non-medical care service in the area to anyone in need of some assistance, and, we offer it all within the comfort of their own homes. To make a long story short, we’re here to help those who can’t help themselves. Ultimately, we want to make life easier and happier for those who we’ve taken under our care, while making sure they’re always getting everything they need. Let’s talk a little bit more about what we’re about…

 Our Mission

We are completely devoted to helping seniors live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives, while we give them the assistance they need right within their own home.

In our commitment to excellence in providing them with the highest level of loving, Christian care available, we are constantly striving:

  • To deliver compassionate and caring Christian care to anyone who needs our assistance. To offer comfort, support, and safety during hard times, while respecting their privacy, personal freedom, and their choices.
  • To be there for people who no longer possess the ability to take care of themselves, and to give them the helping hand they need and deserve.
  • To ensure our caregivers are motivated to always provide the highest-level of quality care available.
  • To offer the blessing of our Holy Father to those we serve with loving and tender care.
  • To provide caregivers who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that those we watch out for are not only safe and healthy, but also happy as well.
  • To serve those we care for not just professionally, but with love and compassion as well, giving them the enthusiasm they need to take on any of life’s challenges.

 Our Values

Quality Christian Care – To offer care for those who need our assistance, as well as guidance from the good Lord.

Caring – Having compassion for those we serve, and genuinely caring about their needs and wants.

Responsibility – Holding ourselves, and our caretakers responsible for the well-being and happiness of those in our care.

Privacy – Respecting the privacy and importance of one’s home, as well as the privacy of the individuals we care for.

Community – Helping those we serve to form and maintain positive relationships with family, friends, and the wider community as a whole.

Morality – Always making sure to behave morally and ethically with those in our care, and in general.

Choice – Respecting an individual’s right to choose how they want to live, and giving them the ability to enjoy their personal freedom.

Resolve – Igniting the indomitable passion of the human spirit, and one’s resolve to handle their problems diligently and with unwavering resolve.

Performance – Always performing our duties with the highest level of professionalism and quality.

Openness – Remaining open to new ways of improving how we care for those who need our help, in order to consistently enhance our service.

Teamwork – Working together to always improve how we’re able to care for those we serve.

You may be wondering why we chose the name “Divine Providence” to represent our company, and what we’re all about. We were very careful in choosing our name, and ultimately, we chose a name that represented two of our most important values.

 Our Name’s Meaning

The first part of our name “Divine” means “coming from God”. It is in His name, and by His will that we provide our loving and compassionate service to those who are in need of our assistance. The Lord teaches us to be caring and sympathetic to those in need, and we are. As good Christians, we take pride in caring for all of God’s children. We always take pride in offering good, quality Christian care for those who could use a hand, and in that is our main purpose.

The second part of our name, “Providence” means “Guidance or Care”, and this REALLY sums up what we’re all about. We’re about caring for those that we serve, and guiding them on the path to full recovery. This is important to us; we want to be there to serve those who need us, but we also, we want to help them to reclaim their freedom and independence as well.

So, Divine Providence essentially means, “Guidance and Care from God”. Offering people the help and empathetic care they need, while guiding them on a path to a better tomorrow, and all in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

 Our Vision

Divine Providence’s vision is to provide the absolute highest quality of care services in the greater Chicago area, and to do it by honoring those we care for with loyal service and compassion. To genuinely care about those we look after, and to respect not only their needs, but their wishes and desires as well.

Our Vision is to have a team of caregivers who will always go above and beyond what would be considered reasonable, in order to give the best possible care to those we serve. To make sure that those we take care of are not just healthy, but are also happy as well, and facing every day with enthusiasm and courage despite the challenges mental or physical challenges that may have befallen them.

We want to be the one company which people in the greater Chicago area turn to when they want one of their loved ones to enjoy good Christian, tender loving care.

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